Yukinobu Tone

Yukinobu Tone Real Estate Director for Japan and Shareholder

  • Mobile:090-7402-1869
  • Office:1-671-646-3343
  • Fax:1-671-646-2557
  • 929 Marine Corp Drive, Tamuning Guam 96913

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Yukinobu Tone  Real Estate Director for Japan and Shareholder. He was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. He is married and has three children. He has a master of sports health sciences. He graduated from Juntendo University, Juntendo University graduate school is a famous Japanese sports university. He enjoyed soccer from middle school to the present.

He has sincerity, dedication, consideration as a feature of the Japanese, and has loyalty, courage and tenacity cultivated through soccer.

Work experiences are:

  • Sales, School management, Advertisement planning, Event planning.
  • He has a track record of becoming No. 1 sales at Pfizer Japan Inc.

He is not only able to respond kindly and polite like a Japanese, he can notice the client’s needs himself and make satisfactory proposals. In addition, he is also an investor who owns real estate around the world.

It is a point worthy of trusting that it is possible to propose even from the investor’s perspective.

Languages: Japanese and English